Saturday 8th August 2020
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We often find that those who participate in our Raptor Experience, Owl Encounters and our Ultimate Adventure, either as individuals or part of a corporate outing, wish to pursue the pastime of Falconry to a greater depth.

Tuition, above all else, is the most rewarding experience all we have to offer. Falconry is increasing in popularity and it is essential that information and education are given by an experienced and acknowledged practitioner in this ancient sport.

Our centre continues to grow in their range of services in this area: from educational visits, one-to-one training, to groups of varying degrees of interest in the subject.

From academic instruction to hands-on training of a novice bird and beyond, Falconers never stop learning. The important thing is to learn from a recognised professional, preferably at an establishment with a reputation for excellence!

If you wish to pursue Falconry further we can provide you with friendly professional tutoring, guidance and advice. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

We already provide Three and Five Day Falconry Courses. The courses can be tailored to your requirements, bearing in mind what you would like to achieve. The courses are designed to cover the skills, equipment and knowledge necessary for an individual to be competent to look after their own bird of prey, inclusive of the following:-

  • Housing & Furniture
  • Equipment & Leatherworking
  • Food Preparation & Diet
  • Health & hygiene
  • Coping & imping
  • Biology & physiology
  • Weight control
  • Handling
  • Training
  • Hunting
  • Fieldcraft

The difference between the Five and Three Day Courses is the depth to which the subject is taught and the amount of hands on experience you are given. Our courses are designed to include as much hands-on time as possible to give you confidence and competence to manage and fly your own bird. We believe that Falconers do not stop learning and an important aspect of our courses is that we are always happy to hear from you again after the course has ended with any thoughts you might have.

3 Day Course - £380 per person

5 Day Course - £540 per person

Payments are made securely via PayPal

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