Saturday 8th August 2020
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The Shieldaig Experience
The Shieldaig Experience is a wonderous treat for someone who has never experienced a bird of prey or a great introduction to the art of falconry as it encapsulates a wide variety of flying and handling of our birds of prey.

The experience begins with a short discussion on the history of falconry exploring what birds are used in falconry and why they are used. You will then be introduced to our exceptional birds of prey collection and see for yourself the power that these birds have at close quarters.

Our Shieldaig Special gets you up close with these magnificent birds of prey, were you will be introduced to all the species in our collection prior to flying either Hawk or Buzzard, and one of our beautiful Owls. In an hour, you will be taken out to fly one of the Raptors from tree top and perch, straight to your gloved hand. Watch how the hawk manoeuvres obstacles with ease to get to its reward on your fist. Then you will fly either one of our smallest of Owls, or one of our largest! You will fly the Owl from arranged perches to your fist – just watch how gracefully and silently these Owls fly, whilst also landing ever so gently to your fist. With this experience, you will learn the differences between raptors and owls and how differently they fly.

For the ½ hour that remains, you will be asked which 2 birds that you like the chance to hold up close and personal – from the smallest of the British Owl species, the Little Owl, to the large Russian Steppe Eagle!

We are confident that your Shieldaig Experience may wet your appetite for falconry and may wish to pursue it further. If this is the case we can provide you with friendly professional tutoring, guidance and advice. Please feel free to telephone to discuss your needs.

The Shieldaig Experience is available on a pre-booked basis only, last 1 hour 30 minutes.

Price per person: £65

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Travel to :- We are located at the Shieldaig Lodge Hotel which is located in the Highlands of Scotland at Gairloch, in Ross-Shire.

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